Wi-Fi Issues?

Help your Wi-Fi work better for you!

Your Wi-Fi connections from the router/modem to your devices (TV, game console, Roku, etc.) can be easily managed by you at your home.

The greater the distance a Wi-Fi device is from the router/modem, the slower the connection generally runs until the connection breaks altogether.  Wi-Fi Extenders can often improve Wi-Fi connection problems by extending the wireless signal sent from the router/modem throughout your home.  Click this link to google Wi-fi extenders.

If you are having trouble with speed, try connecting an ethernet cord directly to your device.  This is especially true for gamers.  Did you know that the back of the console has an ethernet port which will accept the cord to connect directly to your router/modem?

If you wish to keep your connection wireless, look at this list of common items known to cause interference.   These could be affecting your wireless signal. You may want to move A. the location of your router/mode, B. devices trying to receive the signal or C. items listed below to improve your connection.  

Mirrors -Baby Monitors – Cordless Phones, Brick- Concrete -Stone-Microwave Ovens – Refrigerators – Fish Tank – Reptile Aquariums or any electronically noisy device.