Wire Maintenance

Eliminate the worries of wiring….add Wire Maintenance to your phone service for a small monthly fee per wired outlet, and if anything should happen to your inside wiring, we’ll fix it fast and for free.

Your Equipment and Your Responsibilities
Hancock Fiber has strived to continue providing the services needed by our customers, even in a deregulated environment. But did you know that it is your responsibility to determine whether a phone related problem is in your phone equipment or wiring, or in Hancock Fiber’s facilities? If you request us to make a repair visit and the problem is found to have been caused by either your equipment or your wiring, you will be assessed a minimum Maintenance Service Charge.

If you have questions about charges or responsibilities for repairs, please call our office. We are happy to help in any way we can.

To learn about some easy steps to follow that should help in determining where the problem is; see Page 38 of our 2020 telephone directory or call our Business Office at 637-9911 and a service representative will help you.