Voicemail from Hancock Fiber helps you enjoy the most important things in your life – knowing you’ll always get your phone messages. Our Voicemail guarantees that you won’t miss a call – if you’re away from home, on the phone or you just don’t feel like answering right now. You can retrieve, save or delete your messages from anywhere at your convenience. And your Voice Mailbox is passcode protected so you can feel secure that your messages remain private.
Voicemail is used in conjunction with two additional features: Call Forward Busy and Call Forward No Answer. These features forward your calls to the Voicemail numbers when you are on, or unable to answer the phone.

Voicemail to Email
Subscribe to this service and you can retrieve your Voicemail messages via your email account. You receive a Voicemail email in your Inbox and the message shows as an attachment. When you open the attachment, your media player will play the voice message for you. Then follow the links in the message to save or delete it from our Voicemail system.

You can also manage your Voice Mailbox with our Phone Central application on your PC or via the internet at www.managemyphone.com. Subscribers have access to listen to voice messages, save or delete messages and change personal configuration settings for your PIN, email notification address, personal distribution lists and pager notification.

Simple, convenient, reliable… that’s Voicemail

Download our Voicemail User Guide