Voicemail to E-mail
Have your voicemail delivered to your e-mail.  Voicemails show up as an attachment to the email.   One e-mail per voicemail message means you can easily save it, forward it or delete it.

Call ID + Name
Allows you to see the name and the telephone number (if available) of the person calling before you answer it and any calls you may have missed while you were out. This service requires a display device.

Per-Call Blocking (*67)
To prevent your phone number from being displayed on a per-call basis, press *67 before each call.

All-Call Blocking
Prevents your phone number from being displayed for all calls made from your line. To deactivate one call at a time, press *82.

Anonymous Call Rejection
To prevent an incoming call from ringing if the caller has stopped the display of his phone number, press *77. To deactivate this service and allow those calls to ring, press *87.

Enhanced Call Waiting
When you hear the “beep” notifying you of another call coming in while you are on the phone, the name and number of the second calling party appear on your Call ID display screen.

Call Waiting
A “beep” alerts you that another call is coming in when you are on the phone. The caller only hears a normal ringing tone, and you can decide whether or not to answer the second call.

  • To answer the waiting call: press “phone” or “flash” or depress the switchhook and your  original call is placed on hold.
  • To alternate between calls: press “phone” or “flash” or depress the switchhook to alternate between the calls. Each call is private and cannot be heard by the other caller.
  • To end either call: simply hang up or press “phone” or “flash” or depress the switchhook; your phone will ring and when you answer it, you will be connected to the other caller. The other call will be disconnected.

Cancel Call Waiting (*70)
To Cancel Call Waiting before making a call, dial *70 after hearing a dial tone. Dial the number you wish to call; when you disconnect your call, Call Waiting is automatically reactivated.

Call Return (*69)  (Charges Apply)
To return a call to the last number that called you, dial *69, wait and you will be reconnected to that number that called. To deactivate the Call Return command, dial *89. This feature is automatically available on customer lines.

Busy Redial (*66) (Charges Apply)
Busy signal? To return a call to the busy number that you dialed, dial *66, then hang-up. Your phone will automatically dial that number for up to 30 minutes and then ring you back when the line is free. To deactivate the Call Busy command, dial *86.

Call Trace (*57)  (Charges Apply)
Call Trace in not intended for casual use, but if you’ve ever received an obscene, threatening or harassing call, you know how upsetting it can be.

  • To trace a harassing call, simply hang up, then immediately pick up the phone and dial *57.
  • Listen for a recording or an announcement.
  • The caller’s number, date and time of call will be recorded at Hancock Telephone.
  • This information will only be made available to a law enforcement agency at your request.

Not all traces are successful, but if you trace the offending call, a recording will give you further instructions.

Call Forwarding (*72)    (Long Distance Charges May Apply)
Allows you to redirect all calls to another telephone number.

  • To forward your calls, dial *72.
  • Listen for the special dial tone, then dial the number to which you want your calls forwarded.
  • If there is no answer, or the line is busy, repeat the above steps within 2 minutes, then listen for two “beeps”.
  • Call Forwarding is now working

To deactivate Call Forwarding, dial *73 and listen for two “beeps”, then hang-up. Your calls will now ring on your phone.

Call Forward Busy (*90)
Allows you to redirect calls to another phone number when your phone is busy (follow the steps in Call Forwarding, but use *90 to activate and *91 to deactivate).

Call Forward No Answer (*92)
Allows you to redirect calls to another phone number when no one is available to answer (follow the steps in Call Forwarding, but use *92 to activate and 93* to deactivate).

Call Forward Remote Activation
Allows you to setup/change your Call Forwarding number from a location away from your phone.

  • Dial 637-5555, then listen for the special dial tone.
  • Dial your 7-digit home or business number that has Call Forwarding.
  • Dial your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • When you hear the dial tone, you can change your Call Forwarding number.

(Follow the steps in Call Forwarding)

Three-Way Calling
Allows you to add a third party to your call.

  • Connect with the first party; press “phone” or “flash” or depress the switchhook, putting your call on hold.
  • Listen for a dial tone, then dial the third party you want to join the conversation.
  • When that party answers, you can talk privately first before making the call a three-way conversation.
  • Press “phone” or “flash”or depress the switchhook to complete the three-way call, or to reconnect with the original party if the line is busy, or if no one answers.
  • Press “phone” or “flash” or depress the switchhook to disconnect the third party, or simply hang up.

To personalize your telephone, dial as indicated and listen to the prompts to set up your call lists:

  • Call Screening (*60)
  • Priority Ring (*61)
  • Preferred Call Forwarding (*63)
  • Special Call Acceptance (*64)

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