FTTH Battery Backup Disclosure

Battery Backup    

The Hancock Telephone Company (HTC) is implementing a new network technology called FTTH (Fiber to the Home).  This service requires a piece of equipment at the subscriber’s home or business called an ONT.  This equipment may be installed inside or outside and requires battery backup. HTC will provide the initial battery for the system.

IF THE ONT LOSES POWER, YOUR TELEPHONE SERVICE WILL NOT WORK, INCLUDING ANY 911, SECURITY AND/OR MEDICAL MONITORING THAT RELIES ON OUR TELEPHONE SERVICE.   If there is a power outage, battery backup provides limited power to the ONT for making emergency/urgent calls using a corded phone.  HTC recommends that you maintain at least one corded telephone for power outages since cordless phones will not work.

Battery Performance

 The battery is intended to enable users to make short, emergency/urgent telephone calls. During an extended power outage, use your telephone service sparingly to preserve your battery life. These batteries are rated by the manufacturer to last for at least 8 hours in idle mode, when the battery is new.

The actual length of time that your telephone service will be available during a power outage depends on many variables*, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • the amount of phone usage when the ONT is utilizing power from a backup battery
  • whether a backup battery is properly
    1. stored, i.e. normal room temperature
    2. charged, i.e. fully recharged after a prior outage
  • the amount of prior usage of the battery
  • Capacity due to age & condition

Expected life span of an installed battery is 6-10 years.  Performance is best when kept within normal room temperatures (59-77°F) and without frequent discharging and recharging. Failure to adhere to proper storage & usage conditions will reduce performance of your battery.

 Battery Monitoring 


HTC recommends that you test your battery at least every six months. While the ONT is

  • PLUGGED IN- check that the battery indicator light is on.
  • UNPLUGGED- check that the phone is working.

Battery Options and Warranty

If you are concerned that the battery life of one backup battery may not be sufficient, you may choose to purchase one or more extra batteries that can be installed on the existing battery. This would increase battery backup time.  A maximum of three batteries can be installed at one time.  Additional and/or Replacement batteries are available for $50.00 each. HTC does not provide battery recycling or disposal. We encourage you to check for a local recycling location. Do not place batteries into fire, intense heat, or liquids. Do not attempt to open or modify battery packs, and avoid skin contact with cracked or leaking batteries. You are responsible for reviewing all safety and other guidelines and instructions from the manufacturer of any battery or other backup power supply that you use with HTC’s services.

 Initial battery will be warranted for 90 days from date of install.  If within the 90-day period, the battery is not working properly HTC will replace the battery at no charge.  After the 90-day period, battery replacement will become the responsibility of the customer.

* HTC does not guarantee uninterrupted telephone services even to customers that have working backup batteries or other power supplies. In some instances, such as during a weather event, HTC’s network may experience other problems that would prevent normal operation of your services even if you supply power to your devices.