Eligible Telecommunications Carrier

Pursuant with the Telecommunications Act, the Hancock Telephone Company has been designated an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier for universal service purposes. The goal for universal service is to provide all citizens access to essential telecommunications services.

The Hancock Telephone Company provides single party service with unlimited local usage and business service for rates of $19.37*/month in New York and $19.25*/month in Pennsylvania for residential customers; and $19.37*/month in New York and Pennsylvania for business customers. This includes access to:

  • long distance carriers
  • emergency services
  • operator service
  • directory assistance
  • Telecommunications Relay Service
  • other services designated for persons with disabilities
  • toll blocking

Use of these services may result in added charges.

Touch Tone is provided as part of the single party and business service rates.

In addition, Hancock Telephone provides one copy of its annual directory without charge.

Low-income individuals may be eligible to receive discounts on monthly basic phone charges through a state specified telephone assistance program such as Lifeline. This program also includes free toll blocking for its qualifying customers.

Please call The Hancock Telephone Company at 607-637-9911 if you have any questions, or visit our business office at 34 Read Street, Hancock for more information regarding these services.

*All pricing is subject to change. Contact our Business Office for current rates.