Understanding Your Internet Connection

People often perceive a slow connection as poor service when in reality they have simply overloaded their connection. The more people and devices you have using your internet connection the more speed you will need. Count the number of devices in your home and you will probably be surprised. Smart TVs, game consoles, streaming movies videos & music, smart phones, tablets, satellite receivers, camera systems, laptops, desktop computers and e-readers all use bandwidth even when you are not using the device. They automatically update or constantly scan for updates, emails, weather and news updates. In sleep mode or just sitting idle, THEY ARE STILL CONSUMING BANDWIDTH.

 If you are experiencing wireless connectivity problems, you can turn off the wireless in some of your devices to enable other devices to connect fully or you can choose to increase your dsl speed. 

For accurate speed tests, with only 1 device connected go to   speedtest.pronetisp.net

Fiber Speeds/Monthly Rates

Service Level Down/Up*Bandwidth Rate Monthly Rate With Telephone Service
Level 1 100/100 Mb $49.95
Level 2 200/200 Mb $64.95
Level 3  300/300 Mb $84.95
Level 4 500/500 Mb $104.95
Level 5     1000/1000 Mb (1G) $129.95

*Speeds are up to the level you choose, actual speed depends on distance you are from our equipment.