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Fiber Project Progress Report

Here is what’s been happening.

PRELIMINARY STAGE: COMPLETED: The New NYS Broadband Grant Project is progressing with the completion of preliminary steps such as permits, applications, staking & mapping.

STAGE ONE: COMPLETED: Crews constructed and spliced the main route of fiber providing the network structure back to our office. The construction of the network is complete.

STAGE TWO: NEARING COMPLETION: Some fiber drop wires still need to be placed. Crews are still installing Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) for service to residents and businesses. This stage includes installation to only the outside of the building and connection testing. Buried Drops are in focus with the season ending soon. We are hopeful for cooperative weather. Customer interior installs are part of the final phase of the project build.

FINAL STAGE: FULL SWING: Testing is ongoing. Customer interior service connections are being scheduled in areas where testing has been completed. Call our office to schedule your installation at (607)637-9911. This phase is at greater 50% completion.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (607)637-9911

This deployment of broadband service is supported by a grant awarded to The Hancock Telephone Company by New York State through the New NY Broadband Program.
Note: Due to the scope of the work, stages may overlap for various project areas.