High Speed

DSL Take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer with state-of-the-art Digital Subscriber Line broadband technology. It connects you to the internet at lightning fast speeds. If you download large files, use the Internet for research and rely heavily on email, then Pronet’s Xtreme DSL can be the affordable broadband solution for you.

  • The ability to talk and surf on the same telephone line at the same time
  • An” Always On” connection – no need to Dial-Up
  • A secure dedicated connection – no shared access
  • Unlimited access to the web; no usage fees; no toll charges
  • Service provided over your existing telephone line – no holes to drill, no cable to run
  • Technical support provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week




       Up to  2.0 Mb

   Up to 1.0 Mb

            $ 39.95

       Up to  4.0 Mb

   Up to 1.0 Mb

            $ 49.95

       Up to  8.0 Mb

   Up to 1.0 Mb

            $ 59.95

       Up to 14.0 Mb

   Up to 1.0 Mb

            $ 69.95

       Up to 20.0 Mb

   Up to 1.0 Mb

            $ 79.95

Attention DSL customer: Your Hi-Speed just got speedier. The download rate for the basic Hi- Speed Internet package has increased. And it gets even better than that! With our new loyalty program you get a free upgrade to the next higher bandwidth package for every service you subscribe to from the Hancock Telephone Family of Companies. So, if you subscribe to both Hancock Long Distance (HLD) as well as Hancock Video, your download speed will be increased 2 levels.

*Speeds are not guaranteed. Actual maximum download/upload speeds vary upon service locations.